Fulfill are the largest national vending fulfilment and maintenance operation and are part of the Compass Group. They came to us for a rebranding project which involved naming, logo design, brand guidelines and website design. The brand needed to sit comfortably within an existing group of brands whilst working hard to challenge the perception of the vending service industry.

Our extensive rebrand project moved them from their original brand, which was very corporate and impersonal, to focus on the service they provided and how many people their national team were servicing on a daily basis. We helped give the brand a real sense of pride in the seamless service they provided, whether it was to health professionals needing sustenance, or people without access to other amenities.

The branding featured a new ‘momentum mark’ which represented constant movement and energy, bringing life and colour. We also helped roll the brand out across their digital assets including website and event screens.

Fulfill branding

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